Public Campaign is now Every Voice Center. Come back soon for our new website or check out our sister organization, Every Voice.



Letter from Nick Nyhart, President

Last summer, our sister organization, Public Campaign Action Fund changed its name to Every Voice, a name that elegantly conveyed its mission and ours —that every voice should matter in politics. The "rebrand" came with a new logo, a new website, and a rededication to harnessing the public anger about our broken system and turning it into positive action for change.

All the while, the staff at Public Campaign kept doing what we have done for nearly 20 years—cutting-edge policy analysis, research into the influence of money in the policy-making process, public education, and coalition building.

Now, nearly a year after Every Voice came into being, we believe it no longer makes sense for the two organizations to work under different brands. That's why, going forward, Public Campaign will officially become Every Voice Center to better reflect the close relationship between the two organizations. Our mission will remain what it has always been—to fight for a government in which the voices of everyday people matter the most, more than the deep pocket lobbying interests or the billionaires able to write ten-figure checks.


Nick Nyhart, President and CEO

Every Voice Center

1211 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 600| Washington, DC 20036 | @everyvoice