Averaged Female Faces Across Europe

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The average female face is different across Europe! To help people understand the average age of death of women across Europe,  everyvoicecenter compiled a list of the average age of death for men and women across the continent. Below is the average age of death for men and women across Europe.

Most people start getting interested in reading blogs at least by age 16. There are many who start reading blogs at an older age. But, there are also many women who start reading blogs later in life.

Here’s an interesting slide from the Ancestral Health Symposium. It’s a composite of several female faces from various European nations. As you can see, in every nation, the average face is attractive. This slide, however, was not intended to convey that point. At work, this is evolution.

All of these women have similar ancestors, but thousands of years of semi-isolation have caused their genetic averages to vary. If these individuals are kept alone for long enough, they will evolve into distinct species of humans. However, I suppose it would need hundreds of thousands of years of isolation. It’s not going to happen.

Another interesting tidbit from the conference: just 14% of the American public believes in evolution fully. If you’re part of the remaining 86 percent, feel free to make up your own narrative about the faces.


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Do you want to view real women from all around the world? Here’s a larger, higher-quality image.

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What would happen if the top women demonstrated the difference after a few thousand years of divergence? What would happen after tens of thousands of years of divergence?


Faces of ordinary women from across the globe

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This is the consequence of 40,000 years of semi-isolation evolution. How much of a difference can millions of years of genetic divergence make? Consider the following scenario:

Cousins from afar

This is a distant relative of a chimp and a human. Our common ancestors lived around 5 million years ago, perhaps a little longer. In the next five million years, how will humanity evolve? Nobody is aware.


Do you wish to have beautiful teeth? Eat a Paleo diet. Smurfs, ancestral health, and obesity We can use image analysis to find out if there are differences in what we see when we look at photos and videos of people.

This is to find similarities and differences in facial characteristics between different faces, which is in contrast to a more traditional approach with focus on looking for differences between faces.

In our analysis of video clips, we are using the OpenFaces library and the Java Highlighter library to find face regions, extract their color and extract the user’s gender.. Read more about average face by country europe and let us know what you think.