Berleezy Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki


Berleezy is the man behind one of the most celebrated channels on Youtube. The American Youtuber is known to experiment a lot when it comes to making videos for his channel. Berleezy is one of the ambitious kids who started making their own content nearly a decade back when no one took Youtube as seriously as today. Today he is one of the most eminent Youtubers in America. Berleezy got into the public’s eye because of his amusing and humorous content. His followers love his spontaneous humor.

In addition to being a YouTuber, he is also an actor, musician, gamer, and comedian. He writes script skits and song lyrics. The content creator has been active on youtube for about nine years now. He has more than two million followers on his original channel. Apart from his main channel, he has also formed two other side channels. Are you too a subscriber of one of berzeeley’s channels? His prying fans are eager to know about his personal life. Here I have brought to you all the details about Berleezy, his Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, and Wiki. Scroll down to find out all the details.



Berleezy is a youtube celeb, who entered the world of youtube at a very young age. He first made a youtube channel based on his original name. Berleezey is the nickname of the YouTuber, his actual name is Berlin Edmond. He was born in the state of California, United States of America. Berlin was born in a Christain family. He was brought up in his birthplace and got his schooling from there. Berlin was born on 16, December 1992.

The thirty years old comedian was a light-hearted boy who was not much into studies. He was self-willed to pursue a career that he enjoys. So, rather than going for a 9 to 5 desk job, from the early days, he started to work on a career that he can enjoy and love. He started his youtube channel when he entered his twenties. Since then he worked day and night to make his channel one of the most enjoyable ones out there. He never seems to fail his viewers when it comes to providing amazing content.

Apart from his youtube channel, Berleezy did not give up on his studies. He completed high school and in order to pursue higher education, he went to Bell State College. From BSU he completed his graduation in 2017. His major was in English language and literature. Berleezy managed his youtube career along with his life at college. He has not shared much about his family and friends. Currently, he is settled in texas.

Physical Parameters

Berlin Edmond belongs to an African-American family. He has black-colored eyes. Berleezey has curly black hair. The Youtuber loves fitness and works hard to stay fit too. He is 5. 7 feet in height. Berlin weighs about seventy-seven kilograms or 169 pounds. He has an almond skin tone. Berleezy is not a massive fan of tattoos.

Berlin’s Professional Life And Youtube Journey

From being just a fun amateur to one of the renowned YouTubers, berleezy has come too far. At first, he started his youtube channel just to bring out his fun and humorous content in front of the general public. But with time as his number of subscribers increased things got serious. His main channel is named berlin which he based on his original name. He uploaded his first ever video on that channel on 2 April 2013. While Berlin was completing his college in English literature, his interest in writing developed.


Berlin wrote the script of hilarious skits that he acted in for his youtube channel along with friends. Later he got into exposing videos where he pointed out fun mistakes in a number of cartoon series and movies. People enjoyed his version and perspective regarding many adored cartoon programs. This channel currently has two million subscribers which shows how much the viewers adore his content.

Berlin is fond of gaming. On his first channel, he also used to share glimpses of his life and a few vlogs-based videos. But as his craze for gaming is too much, he loves to try new games and share their reviews with his followers. So, Berlin made another channel on 28 July 2016 which is solely dedicated to game lovers. He not only shares his personal opinion and experience regarding a number of games but he also shares the tricks and shortcuts to these games which help many in playing like a pro gamer. This channel has around 2.6 subscribers.

Berleezy also has another channel which is named as EezyTv. This channel was launched on 10 march 2020. This channel is a source to connect with his fans. He has more than three hundred thousand subscribers on this channel. He also shares some live streams there. Berlin also shares his mother’s reaction videos to his own previously posted videos. He does not share the personal details of his parents or siblings with his fans. He has introduced his mother as mamaeezy to his fans.


Berleezy is a social media star. Apart from his three successful Youtube channels, Berlin also has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where he has more than eight hundred thousand followers. His large fan following helps him earn a handsome sum of money. Berleezy also owns a clothing brand. The name of his brand is eezygang. All these sources help him earn a hundred thousand per month. His net worth is about 1.5 million. Berleezy has for sure become one of the leading YouTubers in the US.



Does berleezy write songs?

Yes, apart from being a YouTuber, comedian, and scriptwriter berleezy has written a number of songs. He has worked along with a number of musicians. Berlin wrote the lyrics and also sang in a few of his songs. His famous songs are getting freaky on a Friday, switch the copy write, Eezy tunes theme song, and NemRaps Diss which you can find on Youtube. He is for sure a creative lad.


Berleezy is surely one of the most versatile, creative, and fun-to-watch YouTubers out there. He is an internet celebrity, Instagrammer, Youtuber, Twitterer, businessman, musician, comedian, writer, and actor. Berlin got into the limelight with the help of his roasting and gaming videos. It has been about a decade since the young man started his youtube journey.