Build 22000.132 brings Chat from Teams to Beta channel Insiders

Insiders with access to the Beta channel on Windows have been able to chat with other Insiders since build 18242, but things changed with the recent Ignite 2017 conference. The Windows Live Messenger chat app was removed from the beta channel, and replaced by Teams, a new chat app that was presented as a replacement by Microsoft. But what’s wrong with the current Messenger app?

Today, we are releasing Build 22000.132 for Insiders in the Fast ring. This is the first major update to Teams since its initial release to consumers, so we have focused on making it better for our Insiders. This update is the first in a series of updates that will continue to improve Teams in the coming months. To start, we are making it easier for Insiders to access their Teams and Chat history by making it available in the “All Mail” tab. Once you have access to your Teams and Chat history, you can view, delete, or archive conversations at any time. This is a feature that we have talked about releasing since Teams launched, but we have been working on it for Insiders in the Fast

Build 22000.132 was released this morning, and it brings chat from teams to beta channel Insiders. The latest build also reduces the number of steps required to build a Microsoft Teams MVP app from 14 to 10. The channel has also been given a few extra features, such as a new activity picker.


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  • The KB5005190 update brings a slew of repairs and enhancements to the Windows 11 experience.
  • Insiders in the Beta channel will now be able to use the Chat from Teams functionality as well.
  • Microsoft also included the improved Snipping Tool, Calculator, and Calendar applications in this new version.
  • The Microsoft Store has also been upgraded to version 22108.1401.0, which includes several new features.


Microsoft is already releasing a new Windows 11 Insider version, just in case you were tired with the existing one.

Yes, you heard it right. We saw the release of version 22000.120 last week, but 22000.132 is now available for users in the Dev and Beta Channels through the Windows Insider program.

The sixth cumulative update for Windows 11 RTM Build 22000 is now out, and it contains few major changes, new features, or significant improvements.

A new patch named Cumulative Update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.132) (KB5005190) will become available for download if you check for updates today.


Teams chat is coming to the Beta channel.

Even while this latest Windows 11 version isn’t as large as the others, it still includes some significant improvements and additions.

For example, Microsoft Teams Chat is now accessible in the Beta Channel for Windows Insiders. One-to-one and group audio and video chatting will also be available, with many of the features you’ve come to expect.

With device settings, you’ll be able to turn on or off your microphone and camera, as well as choose your favorite speakers, mic, and camera. You may also manage the details and choices for meetings.

You may also share your screen, check the participant roster, accept meeting participants from the lobby, talk, and watch people’s videos in a gallery view.


This version also includes the new Snipping Tool for Windows 11, an updated Calculator app, and improved Mail and Calendar applications, in addition to the new Teams feature.

In the Dev Channel, all of the aforementioned apps will be available to Windows Insiders.

Version 22108.1401.0 of the Microsoft Store was also released.

Microsoft is also starting to push out the Store update (version 22108.1401.0) that includes Spotlight auto-scrolling.

Aside from that, Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel will see a new gaming PDP (product detail page) design and a new Ratings and Reviews dialog in the Store app.

Isn’t it cool? It was fascinating to watch how the Windows 11 Store went from being one of the most unreliable applications to getting many updates and providing a nice experience.


Fixes and enhancements in Build 22000.132

As previously said, this version does not include a significant number of repairs and improvements compared to prior Windows 11 releases, but just enough to address a few minor problems.

Microsoft has stated that they will be addressing the following issues with KB5005190:

  • Search:
    • I worked to fix a problem where the recent searches list that appeared while hovering over the Search icon in the Taskbar was unexpectedly blank.
  • Widgets:
    • The problem with opening links from the widgets board not always bringing applications to the forefront has been resolved.
    • The widgets icon in the Taskbar should now open on the proper monitor when you click it.
  • Sandbox in Windows:
    • Inside Sandbox in Windows, the Taskbar (Explorer.exe) should no longer crash.
  • Other:
    • An issue that caused certain Insiders to get a bug check while trying to roll back in the prior flight has been resolved.
    • Fixed a problem that caused certain games to become unresponsive after hitting the Enter key.
    • The “location in use” indication icon didn’t appear in the Taskbar when it should have.

Issues that have been identified

Don’t fool yourself into believing that this Insider build is flawless and that there are no flaws. Because Windows 11 is still in beta, we’re likely to come across additional problems.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is bringing to our notice some of the issues with the latest release, as follows:

  • [REMINDER] Some features may be deprecated or deleted when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 or installing a Windows 11 upgrade.
  • Investigating an issue where on some devices, when going to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program, only the “Stop getting preview builds” option is visible. This prevents Insiders from selecting a channel.
  • [BETA CHANNEL] Investigating reports from Insiders in the Beta Channel where after upgrading to Windows 11, they are not seeing the new Taskbar and the Start menu doesn’t work. To workaround this if you are impacted, please try going to Windows Update > Update history, uninstalling the latest cumulative update for Windows, and the reinstall it by checking for updates.
  • Start:
    • When using Search from Start or the Taskbar, you may be unable to input text in certain situations. If the problem persists, open the Run dialog box by pressing WIN + R on the keyboard, then shut it.
    • When right-clicking on the Start button (WIN + X), System and Windows Terminal are absent.
  • Taskbar:
    • When switching input methods, the Taskbar will sometimes flicker.
  • Search:
    • The Search panel may not open after clicking the Search button on the Taskbar. Restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the search panel if this happens.
    • The search panel may look dark, with no information underneath the search field.
    • Apps may not start from the Search panel on pen-enabled devices. If you’re having trouble, log out and back in to see if the problem goes away.
  • Settings:
    • Certain searches in the Settings search box may cause Settings to crash.
  • Widgets:
    • It’s possible that the Widgets board is empty. You can get around the problem by signing out and then back in again.
    • External displays may show widgets in the incorrect size. If this happens, open the widgets on your primary monitor first, then on your other displays, using touch or the WIN + W shortcut.
    • [Widget for the family] Even if screen time settings are enabled, some users may receive a notification that says “connect a device to view screen time activities.”
    • [Widget for the family] On iOS, certain users may not be able to get location information.
  • Store:
    • We’re trying to enhance the Store’s search relevancy, including addressing an issue where the ordering of search results is sometimes incorrect.
    • In certain circumstances, the install button may not be available yet.
    • For certain applications, ratings and reviews are not accessible.
  • Windows Sandbox
    • When you click the switcher icon on the Taskbar in Windows Sandbox, the language input switcher does not appear. As a workaround, users may use the hardware keyboard keys Alt + Shift, Ctrl + Shift, or Win + Space to change their input language (the third option is available only if Sandbox is full-screened).
    • When you click the IME icon in the Taskbar in Windows Sandbox, the IME context menu does not appear. As a workaround, users may utilize one of the following ways to access the IME context menu’s features:
      • Accessing the IME settings via Settings > Time & language >  Language & region > (e.g. Japanese) three dots > Language options > (e.g. Microsoft IME) three dots > Keyboard options.
        • Optionally, you may also enable the IME toolbar, an alternative UI to quickly invoke specific IME functions. Continuing from above, navigate to Keyboard options > Appearance > Use IME toolbar.
      • Using the hardware keyboard shortcuts that are specific to each IME-supported language. (For further information, see Japanese IME Shortcuts and Traditional Chinese IME Shortcuts.)
  • Localization
    • Some Insiders may be missing translations from their user experience for a limited subset of languages using the newest Insider Preview builds due to an issue. To see whether you’ve been affected, go to this Answers forum post and follow the instructions for fixing it.
  • Microsoft Teams chat room
    • The experience is only available in English (US). Additional languages and locations will be added in the near future.
    • When you make an outgoing call, the user interface indicates that the call is being connected even if you do not hear a ring tone.
    • During a video call, people’s videos may sometimes stop or show a dark picture. There is a solution for this problem, which is to pin and then unpin the video that freezes.
    • The preceding call is not immediately placed on hold when switching between calls, thus audio and video streams continue on both conversations. Before accepting another call, be sure you’ve finished the one you’re on.

What is the procedure for installing KB5005188?

  1. Go to the Windows Update tab in the Settings menu.
  2. The update should appear as a pending download, so click the Download button.Build-22000132-brings-Chat-from-Teams-to-Beta-channel-Insiders
  3. The fix will begin downloading on its own.
  4. To complete the installation, click “Restart now.”

Have you tried out the latest Windows 11 Insider build yet? In the comments box below, tell us about your experience.

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