How to Create Your Own Class in WoW


Surely each of the regular players of the popular game thought about what their own class could be. Users often pay attention to the flaws of characters and tend to choose the most suitable one. There are no universal options, but this is not a reason to give up.

So that the results of choosing a class don’t affect the quality of the game, you will need to take into account personal combat preferences and carefully study the features of each option. You can also use the help of like-minded gamers who submit their recommendations.

The WoW boosts service will allow you to get tips that were useful to experienced players. It’s definitely not worth giving up on such an attractive opportunity, since it depends on how you spend your time. User recommendations will also help you find platforms and create your own class in World of Warcraft.

New server capabilities


Controlling movements, characteristics and abilities was previously unavailable for ordinary players, but dreams must always come true. To create your own class, go to a known server and try a new gaming experience.

The thing is that there is no traditional division into classes. This means that registered players have the opportunity to create their own character and design it according to their ideas. And the fans of World of Warcraft couldn’t ask for more!

How to choose the right characteristics


The simple interface is another advantage of the special server. Use the proposed functions to your advantage and decide on the character’s skills. The menu consists of several required sections, which include the skin, parameters and abilities of the class.

Users change the way they think about the game, as they manage to control even the skin tone. Previously, such an opportunity could only be dreamed of, but today it has become a reality. Making changes is easy, as players have unlimited power:

  1. Distribution of skills. You can customize the necessary abilities of the created character using a special menu. Participants-creators “play” with abilities depending on the current location of their character.
  2. Creation of artefacts. You can emphasize your individuality by choosing a unique weapon from the offered assortment or creating it yourself. In the second case, players develop their own items, and the created characters use them to conduct combat.
  3. Skills control. The distribution of points is an excellent chance to gain recognition among like-minded players. Creating a unique class will allow you to earn eternal fame and attract attention to your proposals.

The system doesn’t limit users in their capabilities, so it won’t be difficult to create the characteristics of a perfect ally. Turn on your imagination and think about what character is missing in your favorite game right now. It is enough to be creative and enjoy the creation of your hands in real-time.

Consequences of users’ “self-management”


Players often wonder what the consequences of such an innovation would be. It’s not difficult to get an answer, since the developers took control of the situation a long time ago. There should be no difficult situations and a decrease in the quality of the game, because the control of the users’ fantasy was set up even before the server was launched.

You can tickle your nerves and experience the thrill after going to a more difficult level. The developers prudently showed two options for the development of events at once and offer players to make the final decision. There are no special differences from the usual gameplay.

The main task of the players is to create characters that will be most viable in dungeons and raids. The game will remain unchanged in different modes, which will undoubtedly please experienced fans of the classic World of Warcraft.

As for the load on the system, regular checks help to avoid unfavorable situations. Only a few drawdowns were noticed since the launch, and all of them were fixed within a short time. The high-quality service of the new server is a guarantee of a comfortable game.

The user interface has several language versions. It won’t be problematic to find Russian. Many users note that it won’t be necessary to search for the desired language version at all, since the developers have made sure that every event is intuitive.

Advantages and disadvantages of creating your own class


The proposal to create a new class seems attractive to users, but opinions are still divided. The ability to control the skills and characteristics of your favorite characters is a privilege that doesn’t have to be earned over a long time.

Now players have a chance to lead their hero from “A” to “Z,” which led to increased attention. A customized selection of skills and detailed design are the main advantages that make players close their eyes to the shortcomings.

The disadvantages are significant, but not every classic player will like such an offer:

  • simplification of the gameplay;
  • wide range of settings;
  • no restrictions.

The essence of World of Warcraft is that users have to find their own approach to solving various difficult situations. Simple gameplay and complete control in this case becomes a disadvantage, not an advantage. However, such a chance deserves attention.

It can be difficult to work out a character and watch its development. On one hand, you need a long boosting process, and on the other, you need to find a reliable team. Be that as it may, every player will enjoy the gameplay. Fans of the light version will find something interesting, while the rest of the fans will keep their interests in the usual “standard” game.