How Do You Turn Bonus Money Into Real Money?


As the pandemic brought everything including the entertainment industry to a sudden halt, online casinos too have seen a drastic upsurge. When this fun especially comes with the potential of earning some real bucks, who wouldn’t want to cash it? But there are certain technicalities and know-hows included in the entire process. If you are a regular player of online casinos on a website like Goldenslot, you might very well be aware of the term ‘bonus money.’

Bonus money in casinos is one of the most attractive incentives for the players. Along with the fun games comes the opportunity of winning some jackpots in the form of bonuses.

These are, indeed, some of the attractive factors that draw the gamblers again and again back to the betting table. Contrary to common assumptions, casino bonuses are easy to gain because every casino offers bonuses frequently. But what is rather complicated is winning real cash, wagering those earned bonuses, and turning these bonuses into real cash. Have you ever experienced this difficulty? Then this article is absolutely curated for you. Jump right into the information without any further ado.

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Ways to turn bonus money into real money


Although casino bonuses look lucrative and attractive, there is a loophole to them due to which the games allow or provide them to the gamblers. The end goal is to restrict the gamblers from earning more. Yet, it’s just a preventive method and when used properly it can be beneficial to the players. However, there are some sure-shot bonuses that can help you in successfully reaping your casino bonuses.

1. No Deposit

No deposit bonuses are actually one of the most lucrative, easiest, and most attractive bonuses for all gamblers. As they do not require you to invest or deposit your real money prior to the earning, it helps you avoid the risk of losing your betting money. These bets are, however, paid by the game itself. The wins, however, go to the player.

Thus, these deposit bonuses are most yearned for. Bonuses like free spins too are deemed beneficial by the gamers. Yet some games employ different tactics to prevent the gamblers from earning exorbitant money.

2. Welcome Bonus


Welcome bonuses are the most common bonuses offered by almost all online casinos or any kind of games as a matter of fact. These are most transparent because they are not given according to strategy or not to prevent the player in any way. However, there are certain limitations. While some bonuses are offered according to the deposit amount, others are easier and straightforward as they are not attested to any deposits or external factors.

3. No wager bonuses

Wagering bonuses are usually inversely proportional to the cash that can be withdrawn by the players. The more you wager in a game, the less will be left for you to withdraw. Yet during betting, some casino sites offer no wager bonus. These kinds of bonuses are not limited by wagering requirements. They are not high amounts but these bonuses go directly into the player’s account.

How to turn bonuses into real cash?


1. Know restrictions

Before anything else, you need to possess at least some minimum information or knowledge about the bonuses and other terms and conditions of the game. Reviews, FAQs section, and the terms and conditions section in the website can give you adequate information about the same. If there are any prerequisites or restrictions, these will clear everything away.

2. Meet minimum requirements

Some online casinos require the players to meet some requirements. They may be deposits or minimum bonuses to readily turn the bonuses into cash. In such cases, you cannot withdraw your cash without fulfilling these requirements. Hence, make sure you have met them all and then try attempting to withdraw your cash for successfully doing so.

3. Compatibility


No matter the information, requirements, and other restrictions, the compatibility factor is equally important for gamblers to take note of. Not all games or sites are compatible with your personal payout method. You cannot go about finishing the entire process and end up being disappointed to learn that the site doesn’t deliver to your account. Hence, you should be careful. While reading other information, be sure to take care of this information too. Is the site or game compatible with your payout mode? Look into that too for an easier withdrawal process.

4. Takes time

Most of the sites may allow you for cash payouts and convert your bonus amounts into real cash but not all of them do it instantly. That means you cannot expect them to process and deliver your money right into your bank account right after you click on the payout button.

The entire process is worth waiting for. So, as it is mentioned in their stipulated terms, it takes a certain amount of time for which you need to be patient. Once the time runs out you can take appropriate action and look into the issue.

So, these are the processes and methods that you need to be aware of to withdraw your bonuses in the form of real cash.


As mentioned above, it is not difficult to gain casino bonuses since every site offers some to retain and attract gamblers. But what is rather difficult is converting them into real cash.

But do not be disheartened or stop trying as it is not impossible to turn bonuses into real cash. While in some games there are strict guidelines to withdraw wagers or bonuses in the form of real cash, in some other games all you need is a stipulated amount of minimum bonus or wager to withdraw them as cash.