Jailbreak iOS 9.2 With PPHelper Tool Without PC/Laptop

Using PPHelper is the simplest method to install Cydia on iPhone (or iPad) running iOS 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4. It is also the best option for those who don’t have a PC/laptop, or those who don’t want to install Cydia on their iOS device using a computer.

For a long time, it was just about impossible to jailbreak iOS 9.2 on Apple devices without using a computer. However, that all changed today with the release of PPHelper, a new tool that can be installed to perform a jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad.

With iOS 9.2 jailbreak tool and PPHelper tool, we can jailbreak iOS 9.2 without PC/laptop and then install the PPHelper tool on your iOS 9.2 device to remove the Apple Activation lock.

Want to use the PPHelper Tool to jailbreak iOS 9.2 running iPhones and iPads without using a computer? I believe this is the right article for you since we will show you how to jailbreak iOS 9.2 without using a computer. To uninstall Cydia from your devices, download Cydia Eraser.

Continue reading to learn how to jailbreak iOS 9.2 with PPHelper:

Good day, guys! Today I’m bringing you another new article on how to use Pangu’s newest jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 9.2 on iPhone, iPad, and Touch iPod devices. And in this article, we used Pangu’s English Version Jailbreak iOS Tool to complete the jailbreak. So you’ve just finished reading this article and are now aware of the whole jailbreaking procedure. Download Cydia Store without Jailbreak if you want to obtain Cydia without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad.

Jailbreak-iOS-9.2-With-PPHelper-ToolPPHelper Tool to iOS 9 jailbreak.2 (PC: Medium.com)

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Why is it necessary to jailbreak iOS 9.2?

Apple has officially released iOS 9.3.3 to the public, which includes a few of bug fixes from the previous version 9.2. However, many people are still not updated since they are waiting for the newest jailbreak tool. Will, the Pangu Team has just released a PPhelper Jailbreak Tool for the general public. FilzaEscaped, a jailbreak tool, may be downloaded here.

iDevice Jailbreaking iOS 9.2 is a simple process that will free your iPhone, iPad, and Touch Devices from official Apple Restrictions. If you have Jailbreak on your iPhone, you may easily access websites or download and install all Apps, Games, and other Hacking Tools without any Apple Restrictions.

Pangu Jailbreak Requirements


  • A reliable Internet connection.
  • USB cable that works.
  • iTunes for Windows has been updated.
  • Pangu9 jailbreak tool is compatible with iOS 9.2 and 9.3.3.

Pangu is a tool that allows you to jailbreak iOS 9.2 on your iPhone or iPad.

Now you can simply download this fantastic hacking tool onto your iPhone or iPad since the Pangu Chinese team has released it in nearly all other Third-Party App Stores as well as the Pangu official website. You may also do this jailbreak on a Windows desktop computer since PPhelper is available in.exe format.

Before you Jailbreak your iOS 9.2, let me tell you about some of the PPHelper app’s fascinating features, which may help you decide whether or not to Jailbreak your iOS 9.2.

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PP Helper Tool’s Interesting Features

  • Pangu is a jailbreak that is untethered.
  • Similarly, this jailbreak is compatible with all iOS devices, as seen below.
  • You can easily jailbreak your iPhone or iPad and install the apps and games you want.

Jailbreak iOS 9.2 using the PPhelper Tool.

>> Step 1) First of all, download Impactor for Cydia Tool on your Windows or Desktop PC.

Cydia Impactor

>> Step 2) Now Click on the below link and similarly Download the PPhelper Tool IPA file.

IPA file to download

>> Step 3) Launch the iTunes Software then update it to Latest Version, After taking USB Cable then Connect your iPhone, iPad to Desktop.

Connect-iPhone-iPad-to-PC-MacConnect your iPhone or iPad to your PC or Mac.

>> Step 4) Now open the Downloaded Cydia Impactor Zip file then Run the Impactor on screen.

>> Step 5) Now you can Simply Navigate to Step2 downloaded PPhelper IPA file and Just Drag and Drop that IPA file into Cydia Impactor.

Drag-and-Drop-PPhelper-Tool-IPA-onto-Cydia-ImpactorPPhelper Tool IPA should be dragged and dropped into Cydia Impactor.

>> Step 6) While the Impactor Shows two random Windows on-screen for your Apple ID and Password, So just Enter and Click on Start Button.

Enter-your-Apple-ID-to-Sideload-PPhelper-Tool-IPATo sideload PPhelper Tool IPA, enter your Apple ID.

>> Step 7) This Signing process will consume at least two to three minutes, Once you got a successful install message on the screen, simply Unlock and Launch the Tool.

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How to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

  • From the Appeared Pop-up Notification, open the Pang jailbreak app and click the ok button.
  • After locking your iPhone for one to two minutes, tap on the Circle Shape Button.
  • After the specified time has passed, hit the Home Button, and a Jailbreak Tool Notification will show on the screen with the message “Storage full.” Ignore this Notification and keep your device awake.
  • Wait a while while your iDevice reboots many times throughout the jailbreak process.
  • When the PPhelper icon and the Cydia store appear on the screen after many reboots, it indicates the jailbreak process has been completed successfully.
  • Now open the Cydia Impactor Tool and download the hacking tools for free.
  • After jailbreaking your iDevice using the PPHelper Tool, you’ll receive the Best Cydia Tweaks.

Steps to jailbreak iOS 9.2 using the PPhelper Tool

  • Open your iPhone’s Safari browser and go to http://jailbreakme/.
  • After you’ve opened the link, look for the Download option and click it to begin downloading.
  • Now you’ll get a window asking you to install the app.
  • Now you need to add this app to Trusted App from settings. if you didn’t add to trusted apps you will get Untrusted Enterprise Developer, for make a trust open your Settings>General>device management.

Tap-on-Device-ManagementGo to Device Management and choose it.

  • Now click on the profile, then on the trust, and a popup will open, instructing you to click on trust and then touch on it.

Click-on-TrustSelect Trust.

  • Now go to the home page and touch on the symbol. A pop-up will appear, and you will be prompted to accept alerts.

PP Pangu-App-Tap-On-CircleTap On The Circle In The PP Pangu App

  • Finally, after some time has passed, the jailbreak procedure will be installed successfully.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question 1: Is PPHelper safe to use?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to use.

Question 2) Is it possible to jailbreak other iOS versions using the PPHelper Tool?

Answer: Possibly, since this app is compatible with almost all iOS versions. With PPHelper, you can jailbreak your iOS versions.

Question 3) Is it necessary for me to pay in order to get PPHelper?

Answer: No, you do not have to pay anything to get PPHelper.


Finally, this article explains How PPHelper helo to Jailbreak iOS 9.2 Running iPhone, iPad, using the above-given Jailbreak method, you may jailbreak your iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3 Running iDevices, and the Great Cydia Store will immediately Install after the Entire Jailbreak. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and family. Alternatives to PPHelper include Yalu Jailbreak and Electra Jailbreak.

If you run across any issues or problems when jailbreaking, please post them in the comments area. I will do my best to provide you with a better answer to your question.

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If you are trying to jailbreak your iOS 9.2 device without using the official method or a computer/laptop then PPHelper is the tool of choice. It has been getting good feedback from users who jailbreak their iOS 9.2 using this tool and who want to use it after the update.. Read more about appeven and let us know what you think.

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