7 Reasons Why All Online Casinos Should Use SSL For Security

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The online casino industry has undergone incredible changes, ranging from live dealings to offline instant casinos. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people into their homes, increasing download rates by over 46%. The virtual casino market has an estimated $565 billion value. The trends ranged from the ease of accessibility to live dealers, crypto acceptance and augmented realities.

However, the topic of casino cyber crime persists, constantly incentivizing against people from entering virtual avenues in general. The dark side of virtual casinos is the safety in the world where digitalization paved the way for convenience opportunities and cybercrime cases where people lost over $500,000.

As such, online casinos are constantly looking for ways to secure the financial information of their clients through reliable security technologies like SSL, TSL, and CAPTCHA. In this article, you will be familiarized with SSL technology and what exactly it has in store for 100% safety in playing virtual casino games:

What Is SSL?

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Contemporary security protocols are integrated with cryptology and other blockchain mechanisms for securing information. Online casinos, or all websites that ask for financial information, consist of credit and debit card details, identity-based information, address, date of birth, and other sensitive information. Digital encryption technologies encrypt this information route from the operating device and the server where the information is entered. Secure Socket Layers, widely abbreviated as SSL encryptions, are on these technologies that make financial information inaccessible to a third party.

Secure Socket Layers is a modern, reliable encryption for virtual casinos, as it locks all the communication between servers and participants. While encryption is an easy concept to understand, the absolute security of a blockchain depends upon its strength against potential decryption. Hackers can influence the server operation with service denial attacks, which cause more prolonged waiting times and the crashing of websites.

How Does SSL Encryption Work?

Online casinos and servers handling sensitive client information typically use SSL and TSL digital encryption, which is essentially a certified key that makes client-server communication authentic. These digital encryption programs deploy a public and symmetrical key that establishes security protocols between two set points. The agreement consists of protocol policies, cryptographic algorithms, validation of certificates, and finally, generating a secret key that prevents distribution abuse.

You can quickly notice if the online casino website is effectively protected from DDOS and SQL injection attacks by checking the URL bar. Suppose the URL starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. In that case, the casino website is secured by reliable SSL encryption, and you can engage safely with the server without any informational leakage.

Benefits Of SSL Security For Online Casinos

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Protecting The Virtual Gambling Market

Mobile bettings and remote casino games like blackjack, poker, big six wheels, and roulette were brought to the online platform through applications, which led to an increase of 75% according to 2012 statistics. The estimations cited an 84% hike in the online casino likely to experience between 2013 and 2015, which was doubled in real-time statistical data.

Bets crossed $100 billion, and over 164 billion entered the market. The viability, trust, and security of gambling applications and websites were improved, covering about 40% of today’s casino market.

A study conducted in 2015 found that cybercrime in casinos happens every 40 seconds. Cybercrime diminishes these growth numbers and damages the economic contribution from these sectors. Cyber Security through reliable SSL encryption becomes essential to prevent DDOS attacks and Ransomware injections that not only leak the user’s financial information but also steal digital wallet money from these websites.

Prevents Identity Theft

Identity theft is a huge concern when it comes to handling servers that deal with sensitive information. In virtual betting, slots, blackjack, and other casino games, protecting the user’s identity by keeping their information security becomes crucial. SSL security provides 100% prevention from breaches of security protocols, thereby encouraging users to have the most secure gameplay when playing their favorite casino games.

Hiding Sensitive Information

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Signing up for an online casino requires you to share much information about your credit card deposits, full name, address, identity proofs, date of birth, emails, phone numbers, and other sensitive information. When in the wrong hands, this vital information can potentially threaten your hard-earned money and your legal identity. Cybercrime hackers can attack this much-needed privacy by replicating the data when it is being transmitted through the servers (also known as the man-in-the-middle attack).

Online casinos with SSL encryption make your information secure between the client and the server. Besides its immense benefits, it is also a requirement by regulatory agencies for online casino websites to operate with SSL digital encryption. Virtual gambling websites must adhere to digital security protocols for building customer loyalty. SSL encryption provides rock-solid protection against potential interception of data concerning the following information:

  • Passwords
  • Pins
  • CVVs
  • Credit card numbers
  • Images
  • User names
  • Identity proof documents

Boosts Customers’ Confidence And Trust

SSL encryption provides immense advantages not only to the clients but also to the online casino servers by establishing trust in operations. Investing in SSL security software can create room for client loyalty for appropriate and secure business, enhancing customers’ confidence in betting more money without fearing loss.

Customers are primarily aware of data security policies and rights, and any virtual casino provider must make it non-negotiable for its sacrifice. Clients will not hesitate to withdraw their involvement when the absence of SSL certification is noticed.

Complying With Regulation

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Gambling became a legalized activity in 1845, citing legislation for all games involving money as a stake. Such legislation would not have been possible without any accordance with regulations. Compliance with digitized casino security protocols is the foundational criterion for secured gameplay and profitable business. UK Gambling commissions, federal-level bodies in Australia regulating the best Australia real money casino, and regulatory agencies in different countries advocated the compulsory licensing requirement. Depending on the area of operation, these commissions only approve virtual casinos with an approved and authentic SSL certification to protect consumer data.

Search Engine Optimization

The most fundamental strategy to gain clicks and appear on the first page of search engines is to deliver secure and quality operations through SSL certifications. Gaining higher ranks in Google webpages and other reputable search engines is partially a matter of high security. SSL certification is a dominant factor in determining the validity and ranking of the website. The gambling market is a saturated one, where the competition is stressful. Security is one of the rudimentary aspects to offer customers to maintain a strict competitive position. SSL digital encryption will help boost the algorithms to your favor and ensure you get more visits.

Prevent Cyber Crime

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Cybercrime and digital attack rarely are of one kind. Given below are cyber-attacks that your casino can be a victim of:

  • DDoS and Ransomware Attacks: Distributed Denial of Service attacks and ransomware attack form about 46% of the cyber attack in online casinos.
  • Game integrity: Cybercriminals often target the game itself for server discrepancies. This will create a horrible atmosphere for the customers and can result in losing trust in your brand,
  • Fraud and money laundering: Virtual casinos are susceptible to closing down and being fined if the anti-money laundering standards are not adequately implemented. Money and financial information must have enhanced security, and the source of funds must be regulated in large deposits.
  • Account takeovers: Account takeovers are a form of identity theft operating through passwords.

SSL encryption can take care of all these disastrous cybercrimes not only by protecting deposited cash but also by protecting the financial sensitivity of the client and the server. Applications designed for secured casino games are developed by SSL encryption developers whose viability is extensively tested by gambling commissions. Another aspect to understand is that online casinos require licenses and adherence to established rules. To further enhance security, these applications and websites also provide a plethora of payment options whose choice is up to your discretion.


Today’s period and era place a premium importance on using SSL certificates. No online casino should be cajoled into not adhering to safety and security standards. A virtual casino that values the security of its players’ data guarantees a successful business and client relationship. You can only be sure that your connection is secure when playing on encrypted websites.