Can You Visit the James Bond Casino Royale Casino in Real Life?


The magnificent beaches of the Bahamas to the famed lanes of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic—all of these and more can be found in Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond. The well-known and highly loved as well as appreciated movie has been shot all over the world, and is every boy’s favorite saga ever.

No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s last film as James Bond, was shot in Italy.

Casino Royale takes viewers on a global adventure, much like previous Bond flicks. If you find yourself somewhere nearby Cassino Royale just know that you can enjoy its exterior, but walking in might not be possible. Why and how is that so? Keep on reading and get your answers down below + discover some other popular destinations that you can also check out if you’re trying to get a full Bond experience.

Top 5 movie-inspired locations that are worth checking out

1. Casino Royale Hotel


Have you ever been to Europe, Chezch Republic to be even more specific? Well, did you know that several nations were utilized for the filming of this movie, including the Czech Republic, the Bahamas, Venice, and the United Kingdom (interior sets were in Barrandov and Pinewood Studios)?! All of these are nowadays fun tourist spots that people from all over the world want to visit and check out.

If one expects to visit the stunning hotel where James Bond sleeps when in Venice, they may be a little letdown.

A specific scene from the movie featured the Venice Hotel Cipriani.

The crew reserved the hotel restaurant only because it will be utilized as the scene for the scenario.

The cast and crew indeed made this hotel their home while in Venice. A famous landmark in Venice, the Hotel Cipriani, made a brief appearance in the movie. However, a journey to the Czech Republic is necessary if you want to view the stunning hotels depicted in the movie.

2. Czech Republic

Casino Royale was filmed in the magnificent and affordable Czech Republic, especially in Prague’s Barrandov Studios, dubbed the “Hollywood of the East” for its work on Amadeus, Mission Impossible, and the Bourne Identity.

Studio and costume department excursions are rare each year.

The Prague National Museum on Wenceslas Square doubles as the Venetian hotel lobby where 007 and Vesper Lynd stay.

The Bohemian spa resort of Karlovy Vary mimics Montenegro, which was part of Yugoslavia in Ian Fleming’s day. It’s around two hours west of Prague.

Lázn I (originally Kaiserbad) on Mrové námst inspired the exterior of Casino Royale. It’s been closed for eleven years awaiting renovation funds, so visitors can only see the outside of it. The opulent Grandhotel Pupp, which played Bond and Lynd’s Hotel Splendide, lies nearby.

3. Bahamas


Did you know that the opening construction site sequence was filmed not in Madagascar but rather near Coral Harbor on the southeast coast of New Providence, the largest island in the Bahamas?

The site on which the Bonds Hotel appeared in Thunderball is the property of the Bahamas Royal Airforce.

The parkour pursuit took place in front of an unfinished hotel.

A few meters to the east was an abandoned pool where the snake pit scenario was filmed. As the film progresses, Bond travels to New Providence for real.

At the One & Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island, Harry meets Dimitrios, a minor arms dealer (Simon Abkarian), which you can check out yourself. There is also the house on the southern tip of New Providence for a romantic rendezvous.

4. Venice

Last, but not least, why not check out Venice and some of its top destinations? In the debut Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, Bond travels to the Bahamas, Venice, and Lake Como.

The Czech Republic is the substitute for Montenegro in terms of all the options & cinematic shots that it can provide.

In Casino Royale, locations including the Cipriani Hotel, Campo San Barnaba, and the Grand Canal can be seen.

Venice received two visits in total: the gondola-turned-hovercraft sequence from Moonraker and the climactic scene from From Russia With Love (when Bond shoots villain Rosa Klebb before she can kick him with her switchblade-tipped shoes).

5. Lake Como


Also, another top destination is Lake Como which is located in the Alps, around 150 kilometers west of Venice.

Bond is taken to Villa del Balbianello in the vicinity of Lenno for treatment after being tortured on board, a gorgeous place that one may want to further explore.

The lakefront gardens are the main attraction of the house tour, but the interior is also stunning.

In Attack of the Clones, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala get married here. Take hold of your traveling companion and enjoy a romantic getaway in Bond style. One of the best activities at Lake Como is taking the ferry. On the eastern side of the lake, Varenna is a charming village.

It’s a more sedate alternative to Bellagio, the popular tourist destination with lovely boutiques, and it’s conveniently located from Milan.

In Fiumelatte and Vezio, the shortest river in Italy rushes down the mountainside.

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