Why does Sen. Rick Scott Think that Trump’s Impeachment Trial is a Waste of Time?

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One of the worst things that can happen to a politician is bad publicity. Trump, who underwent an impeachment trial, knows that. Rick Scott let everyone know what he thought about it, saying it was all a waste of time. Read more about it below.

Why does Sen. Rick Scott think that Trump’s impeachment trial is a waste of time?

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Scott was also appalled by the whole situation, because he thought that people can do much better than this. With his statement, he let everyone know how much he does not support violence and what he thinks about it. He also believes that Trump did not call for violence at any time, but that everything is a combination of circumstances. Due to the lack of evidence and all of the above, Rick Scott thinks it is best to put an end to this.

He now has much more important things on his mind for humanity, such as resolving the COVID situation. So, vaccination is his priority and he believes that others should return to these problems instead of wasting time on unimportant things. In addition, he has big plans for Florida and strives to realize them by dedicating himself completely to his work.

Rick Scott’s career

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We need to say something more about the career of this successful politician in order to let you know how important his opinion really is. It is Trump who highly values ​​him as a person and a politician, and he has proven that over time. He provided great support during the Senate election and his entire career. However, Rick Scott is much more than his friend. He is a great treasure of Florida, because he achieved a lot during his mandate. At the very beginning, he strived to improve the conditions of patients in hospitals, and that refers to programs and care.

He opened many educational programs and thus made the procedures more efficient and simpler. As a result, the death rate after operations in Florida is significantly lower. He also fought for the environment and education. In addition to these goals, he sought to improve the Florida economy. He really invested a lot of money in his businesses and changed the situation in Florida for the better. According to Scott Jason Cooper, he has not encountered bad publicity often in his career, and one of the few is the misconduct of his consultant for which he is not to blame.


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Rick Scott didn’t always have that much money, especially during his growing up. He grew up only with his mother, without a father. During his life, his mother married a truck driver and they lived as a family. Poverty did not kill the ambition of this politician, but motivated him to engage more and achieve academic achievements.

That’s how it was and he became an entrepreneur at a very young age, but his first serious job started in a law firm. After that, he becomes the governor until the expiration of his mandate, and after that, officially the senator. His wife was with him all the time, and their relationship has lasted for over 30 years. The two of them have children as well as grandchildren.


Given that this politician has left a big mark on the political scene, we will agree that his opinion is very important. Many appreciate what he said and agree with his statement.